How Important is a Mold Certificate of Completion?

Many mortgage holders and insurance companies require a "certificate of completion" from the home owner to insure the property was treated according to the latest industry guidelines. This certificate is  a very important document if and when the house is sold and may have a profound effect on the price and/or whether or not the property is sold at all. A mold "certificate of completion" also proves due diligence for leased properties.


Having a company you can trust to make your home safe is so important! At ABS and Aquasteam Systems, we are a locally owned Louisiana company, so we know and understand the challenges storm damage can have on our homes, families, and lives. Our company has faithfully served our southern neighbors of this great state since 1991, and have successfully remediated over 5000 properties through weather events such as Katrina, Gustav, Isaac, The Great Flood of 2016 and most recently the Flash Flood that hit the Baton Rouge area in May of this year. We use our exclusive "Three Phase Decontamination Treatment" to rid your property of contaminants, bacteria, viruses and yes MOLD! We and our sister company Aquasteam Systems are "Louisiana State Licensed Mold Remediation Contractors" and we are ready to help you recover from Hurricane Ida. Give us a call before you close the walls back up. We can do as much or as little of the project as needed. Even if your property has already been cleaned by either yourself or another company we can inspect and write the certificate if the job was done properly. If not then we will finish the job. We guarantee that you will be satisfied.